Sunday, July 3, 2011

brand new.

Hai, people! :)


herm herm. how do i start this? my very first entry for Seliparlour. seriously!? yes, serious. u might say i'm a new comer, but taufiq is a bit later than me. but *another but* taufiq has posted his very first entry last week. while i, on the other hand, hasn't. pathetic me, isn't it? ;p

anyway, i actually am ready with my very first entry for Seliparlour, but obviously, it's not and it can't be the first one because, i have to have an introduction entry telling you people who i am, which happened to be this entry. gosh! do you understand what i'm trying to say? because i can't quite really understand myself either ;p

right, right. cut the crap off.
*uhuk uhuk*

well, i'm little ain.
i'm the crew's friend.
the owner of always you and i ;p
our friend here, ariffin janal or the so-called AJ is my second writer ;p
i've joined Seliparlour since Jun 4th.
but, only now, after one long month, i post something in here.
really sorry for that thou i know u don't even care. hehehe :D

heee really don't know what else to say.
anyway people, i'm happy to be here.
and i promise you, i'll write very often after this.

so, until next time okay :)

little ain~


Mimi Dyana 沙美美 said...

selamat datang cik Ain. :)
can't wait for your post. cepat sikit publish. HAHAHA!

little ain said...

thank you MD ;p

i will! :)

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