Friday, September 9, 2011

Dear Love

"just done talking to my chenta hati,

i like it now,

just the way we are,

though we talk about nothing in particular,

we just love to talk,

giggle over silly things,


i like it the most when you said, 'i bring you comfort',

and that you enjoy talking to me,

and i made your day,

and you know what?,

i feel the same way too,

everytime we argue about things,

but we still care for each other,

i love you! just the way you are :)"

@AinZulkefli, 2011. Twitter.

these are from Ain Zulkefli. gua dapat dari tweet beliau. hey ain, i borrow this. can i?

walaupun jiwang sikit tapi gua suka. jujur, ikhlas. gua dapat feel yang sama dengan ape yang die tweet.

walaupun setiap bait kata-kata di'tweet' tanpa disengajakan tapi gua rasa ini memang classic.

tweet ain ni menyedarkan gua tentang pengalaman gua bercinta.

thanks Ain Zulkefli.

gua, AJ.

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