Monday, October 31, 2011

nothingness :)

Assalamualaikum, people! :)

apa khabar? huhu it's been decades since my last entry, kan? haha sorry, been busy ;p

anyway, lets get straight to the point.

i talked to froggish this morning. nothing in particular for sure, just a routine chat. habes sembang, aku rasa macam nak nanges, for a reason. and it has always been the same reason. pastu gi merapu kat twitter. ahahaha sengal je :D

aku selalu rasa macam aku dah lebih daripada ready to face this. i mean, to feel nothing. thou aku tau memang that girl is sooo into him. but somehow, bila jadi macam ni, aku still rasa sedih. still rasa macam dah tak nak nak hold on, tak nak ada hope. funny because there's nothing to hope for pon actually. huhu. but somehow, i can still feel the pain.

i know i know, someday i'll meet some one else, forget him and move on, tapi at the moment, still rasa macam ya Allah, peliharalah kami. masa depan, kita tatau kan?

tapi cukuplah kalo sekarang je aku rasa sedih sedih, rasa terkilan, rasa insecure, rasa macam i'm not the one for him. in the future, kalo betol kami berjodoh, aku tak nak macam ni. kalo tak berjodoh pulak, mesti ada hikmah di sebalik semua ni. Allah is the best planner. believe in that. if he truly loves me, he'll put his effort to be with me, no matter what. if it's meant to be, it will. and if it's not, then no matter how hard you try, if won't.

i know, mesti sume orang akan rasa pening baca entry ni. it's okay! ahaha. i just don't want to talk about it kat always you and i, takot nanti dia baca.

orait then people, until next time.

see you!

little ain~

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